Development of Convergence Culture Art & IP Content

​Benefits & Advantages

1. IP Content Development and OSMU Business Expansion 


- Book, cartoon, webtoon production and sales through story development of social, economic and historical issues  

- Expanded production and license sales to various business areas through the development of global OSMU contents

2. Development of Eco and Upcycle Content On-Off Line Platform

- Lecture, experience, and education program building and sales service according to object and situation  

- Sales of products and works of artists such as resource recycling companies, groups, and individuals  

- Product and artwork rental service including professional curation according to the composition space of each consumer


3. Urban Regeneration and Resource Circulation Off-Line Platform Development

- Local community activation space : revitalization of a certain area, a range of communities, and landmarkization as an urban hub area  

- Culture and art networking space : sharing information and values ​​of works of art related to society  

- Professional communication information space : Focusing on materials in the field of culture and arts, public relations are promoted, and     

   specialists  help research and development. Encourage participation through lectures, education, and experiences  

- Shopping , Resting Space: Life style shop, Amenities such as cafe and healing space


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