• The development of the convergence culture and arts contents business.

   1. The development and the establishment of the AR & VR Data.

       / Making the AR of the works of art that need the architecture, the sculptures, and the various kinds of the historical records into the data.

       / The development of the interactive contents through the DB that will have been established in the future.

   2. The development of the OSMU contents.

       / The development of the media contents based on the stories, including the books, the cartoons, the webtoons, the videos, etc.

   3. The development of the VR software.

       / The development of the virtual reality exhibition contents based on our company’s AR data that had been established.

  • The sustainable design development business.

   1. The development and sales of the upcycle works of art and the design products.

       / The establishments of the upcycle works of art and the artists-linked commercialization. 

       / The development of the everyday life-friendly design products.

   2. The businesses of the upcycle interior and the urban restoration.

       / The business of improving the residential environment through the new utilization of the resources.

   3. The upcycle culture and arts contents business consulting.

       / The planning of the culture and arts business that heightens the artistic value of the upcycle.


Proceeding with the public bidding and the overseas-linked business.

The Management Support Office

                         - The business management support

                         - The corporate accounting

                         - The maintenance and management of the corporation.

                         - The others.


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